London In 4 Days (Day 4)

Final day in London (sad face) was spent exploring Regent Park. The parks here in summer are so beautiful and carefully maintained. It was nice to just wander around for a while after the punishing pace of the last few days. I found the gardens just beautiful and took loads of photos (inspiration for when I got home).


Regent Garden

We then headed off towards Lords Cricket Ground where we had a tour booked for later in the day. We had lunch in the restaurant next door which was really nice. Then we were off to our tour. I am not really a cricket fan or interested in it at all. However the others I was travelling with were really excited to go to Lords. We managed to go on a day where the tour could access the whole grounds as there were no events on. It was a really well run tour. The guide made it interesting for everyone and had loads of stories to tell about the cricketers. While I am not really into cricket I did really enjoy this tour. The benefit of travelling with others is experiencing things you wouldn’t normally do.


Lords Cricket Ground

London was a blast and is still my favourite place I have ever visited. I loved the gardens and the oldness of all the buildings. The history was super impressive. I am so glad I visited and I am sure I will be back again. Until next time London.


Queen Elizabeth Gate, Hyde Park


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